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Joondanna Lock Rekey

Joondanna Lock Rekey

Locksmith Services to Secure your Property

What is Re-keying a lock?

Rekeying a lock is an alternative option to change the working key for a given lock. Instead of replacing the entire locking mechanism the lock is taken apart and some of the key pins or tumblers are replaced. This will then alter the key that will correspond with the new pin configuration.

Because the cost of these pins are very cheap the primary cost is the labour of the locksmith. The end result is re-keying a lock is a lot cheaper than replacing it.

When should I Rekey my locks?

A lot of people aren’t aware of the option to rekey existing locks and will change the entire lock instead. Some examples where a rekey could be used include:

  • Recently moved into a new property and don’t know who else has the key.
  • Lost one of the copies of the key and afraid that someone else has found it.
  • Preventing access from being able to use a lock that also has a key.
  • Want to match different locks to a single key (Given the locks are the same brand and keyhole)

When should I change the whole lock?

It is important to know when you should change the whole lock versus rekeying the locks. There are a number of scenarios where changing the lock will be required or preferable including: 

  1. You want your locks to be a different colour or design.
  2. If you want to upgrade the security of your locks. Replacing them with high security or electronic locks.
  3. If the lock brands are different and you want the locks to all be able to work with the same key. The locks will need to be changed to the same brand (or have the same type of keyway)
  4. Where the key is not available for one or more of the locks. 

Some of the newer types of locks have started to introduce an option to easily rekey them at home without having to take the lock apart or call a locksmith. There are some flaws however, such as if rekeying isn’t something you do often.

Can I rekey locks myself?

Changing standard locks can normally be performed relatively easily with a Phillips screwdriver. Rekeying locks however does require specialised tools and learning.

The tools themselves can be quite expensive with professional pinning kits to rekey most locks costing around $250 which is well over the cost of 10 new basic locks. Along with this if you are unsuccessful in rekeying the lock it will almost always ruin the lock entirely. We recommend that rekeying is performed by our experienced locksmiths.

Need a Fast Response?

Our locksmiths ensure to arrive as soon as possible for emergency situations. We understand that response times are important in these scenarios. Almost all lockout situations can be resolved in 5 minutes.

If you need emergency assistance for your Joondanna property contact Ultimate Lock & Security on 0481 365 902.

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